Collection: Teens and Adults Respirators - Made in Canada ≥ 95% Particulate Filtration

Equip your loved ones with some of the most comfortable and breathable respirators on the market!

We're proud to offer Canada's best selection of made-in-Canada consumer respirator masks for adults including men and ladies.

Our Layfield 95PFE-L3 and FN-N95-510 respirators fit most teens and adults with small or medium faces.

Enjoy flat fold respirators in comfortable earloop style with excellent >95% particulate filtration. Our respirators are made in the more comfortable flat fold shapes with earloops similar to KF-94 and KN95 masks. Flat fold respirators offer superior fit and excellent particulate filtration for the general public when compared against leaky surgical and cloth masks. Best of all, our respirators are all made right here in Canada.

Please note: Earloops do not meet the headband requirement of NIOSH N95.

Please note: our respirators are not NIOSH N95. However the particulate filtration of every respirator we sell has been tested by third party labs to have PFE > 95% in the samples tested, and we post these test results on each page. 

Reduce glasses fogging and improve breathability. Fast Purolator shipping. From your trusted PPE partner, Canada Strong Masks™.