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The best N95

Finally, an N95 that is comfortable to wear all day and easy to put on and take off. The single elastic design makes all the difference. If you have been looking for an N95, this is the one!

Strong masks the best

They are the best masks to wear and they look good

Great as always!

Only place I trust to get my masks. Good quality and legit. :)

A good level of fit and style

Our family continues to buy these masks as they provide a good level of fit. We prefer the lavender and grey colours. We tried the white and black ones but found them a bit stark.

Great product, fair price, super-quick delivery!

Great product, fair price, super-quick delivery!

Great product, fair price, super-quick delivery!

As usual, very comfortable and effective for conventions.

Light and breathable

The kids are happy to wear them!

use them and have for a few years never once disappointed.

Comfortable masks

I’m convinced there are a number of people who stopped masking because they found their masks uncomfortable to wear. My family prefers the Masq CA-N95s, which I like, but I do prefer the BreatheTeq when they’re on sale. This order I got samples of the Q100 ear loop masks and they seem really comfortable too. I find all of these masks hold their fit well and are easy to put on/take off when you’re in and out of places (like when you’re shopping).

Even if you’ve decided you’re not going to mask all of the time, it’s nice to have a fold-flat option to keep handy for when an area is unexpectedly crowded or someone is obviously unwell. I mask more than most; my kids like to have masks in their bags for when they think someone in their class might be sick or if they’re not feeling well. A little effort and caring about others can go a long way.

Best convention masks

They hug the face where they should but not where they shouldn't. The XL fits me comfortably without making my ears hurt. Comes in black which looks better on a convention floor.

Good Quality, well packed

Good Quality well packed

Comfortable mask, the only one we wear.

Love these

Greta fit and breathable! My go to mask

Excellent fit! I'll be ordering more.

Best masks out there!

Our family has been using Canada Strong's KN95 Respirator Masks for the last 4 years. They are by far the most well-fitted and most comfortable masks, and we had tried quite a few. Their new BreatheTeq masks do make a difference as our last few trips across the country can attest to - easy breazy! I feel confident and reassured that I am doing my best to protect myself and others when wearing these masks.

Very light and breathable. Great comfort

Great Masks!

I use these everywhere. Lightweight enough to workout in!

My new favourite mask!

I can't say enough good things about this mask. So comfortable. So easy to breathe. And the slide through elastic makes it so much easier to put on than other over-head masks.

Have been using these masks exclusively since they became available. They fit snuggly on the face, so you don’t have to fidget with them. Very breathable. Highly recommend them.

Dräger X-plore 1950 M/L

Very pleased to see these in Canada now. Quality at least as good as 3M Aura, with the M/L having much better fit on larger faces. I wear these during an 8-hour workday without issues, and find them quite comfortable and breathable. They seem to use a larger amount of filtering material than the Aura, helping with size and breathability, and I think the single headstrap loop held on by plastic brackets allows for a more customized fit.

One thing to note is that I have on two occasions (over quite a lot of uses of these) had one of the plastic brackets that the headstrap runs through separate from the respirator body on first donning. Not sure whether this was due to a weak weld or mishandling on my part as I removed it from the package, and the failure never occurred during wearing. I use each one twice for work and a further three times for shopping, so the issue seems to only present itself on first donning. I mitigate this by simply bringing a spare along if I plan to don a fresh unopened one after I've left the house (rather than putting it on before I leave).

Despite this potential issue, rating remains 5/5 due to the overwhelmingly good qualities of this respirator compared to all others I've tried as a person with a large face, and the fact that the issue is easily mitigated.