Collection: Kids Earloop Respirator Face Masks

Equip your loved ones with some of the most comfortable and breathable respirators on the market!

All of our respirators feature ≥ 95% filtration. For the best protection, it's essential to achieve a good fit/seal with minimal leakage.

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Vitacore CAN99e Kids fits many children ages 3-10.

BreatheTeq KN95 and Canada Masq CA-N95 XS fits many children ages 4-10. Larger children and those over 10 may require size Small or Medium. 

Please note that NIOSH doesn't permit earloops. However, all of our earloop respirators meet the >95% media particulate filtration performance requirement within NIOSH N95 (>95% PFE, 0.075µm NaCl, 85 L/min).