Collection: NIOSH N95 and CSA Respirators for Healthcare, Dental, and General Use

For protection of individuals and employees in healthcare, hospitals, dental clinics, construction, forest fire smoke, woodworking, grinding, industrial use, dusty environments, etc.

General Use: NIOSH Standard N95 Respirators (particulate protection): models 3M 9105, 9105S, 9205+, 9210+, BNX H95B, and Draeger 1750.

Healthcare and Dental: NIOSH N95 and CSA Surgical Respirators (particulate + bodily fluids protection): models 3M 1804, 1804S, 1860, 1860S, 1870+, Canada Masq Q100, and Vitacore CAN99 9500.

Vitacore CAN99 9500 and Canada Masq Q100 are made in Canada.

3M 1870+ and 9205+ are made in Canada and USA.

Draeger 1750, BNX H95B, and other 3M models are made in USA.