Collection: Adult Respirators - Made in Canada ≥ 95% Particulate Filtration

Equip your loved ones with Canada's most comfortable and breathable respirator masks! We offer the best made-in-Canada respirator masks for adults, kids, and teens.

For the best protection, it's essential to achieve a good fit/seal and ≥ 95% filtration.

New to respirator masks? Click here to purchase a sample kit to determine your size.

NIOSH N95 Certification requires headbands. Our Vitacore CAN99 9500 and Dräger Xplore 1750 are NIOSH N95 certified.

Our earloop respirator masks are made-in-Canada and not NIOSH N95, but they pass the filtration test used for NIOSH N95 / GB2626-2019 KN95 testing (>95% PFE, 0.075µm NaCl, 85 L/min). These earloop respirators also meet the filtration and breathability requirements of the Health Canada interim order for 95PFE respirators.

We carry Canadian respirators from Canada Masq, Dent-x, Kross, Layfield, and Vitacore. These flat fold respirators offer superior fit, comfort, breathability, and particulate filtration when compared to leaky surgical and cloth masks.

We've discontinued our Level 3 kids 3-ply procedural masks, cotton masks, and disposable filters. These items may not seal or filter as well as a properly-selected and properly-adjusted respirator. We encourage everyone to upgrade to a respirator with a tight fit and a good seal, and to avoid sharing indoor air whenever possible.