Wildfire Smoke Respirator Masks

Protect your lungs from wildfire smoke

Per Health Canada, wildfires can significantly increase air pollution levels. Wildfire smoke is a complex mixture of gases, particles, and water vapour.

It is the fine particles (PM2.5), not visible to the human eye, that get deep into our lungs and bloodstream. These fine particles are the main health risk from wildfire smoke.

If you must spend time outdoors, a well-fitted respirator type mask (such as a NIOSH certified N95 or equivalent respirator) that does not allow air to pass through small openings between the mask and face, can help reduce your exposure to the fine particles in smoke. These fine particles generally pose the greatest risk to health. However, respirators do not reduce exposure to the gases in wildfire smoke. It is important to listen to your body and reduce or stop activities if you are experiencing symptoms.