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BNX H95B NIOSH N95 Black - Made in USA

BNX H95B NIOSH N95 Black - Made in USA

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Made in USA - NIOSH N95 Approved

This respirator mask model H95B is NIOSH N95 Certified (TC-84A-9315).

The elastic bands go over the head, not the ears. This prevents ear fatigue during long work days and long flights.

It comes in one size that fits many Medium and Large adults. 

Made in USA - manufactured by BNX Converting LLC in Houston, TX in an FDA registered facility # 3017489417.

Graphene Free, Latex Free

Tip: flatten the nose wire to mostly remove the peak, then bend it again over 1 finger to better match your nose profile.

More Information

Quick Video

User Instructions and Cautions

Filtration Test Report

NIOSH Approval Letter

FDA Registration Information

Period of Use

  • Shelf Life: 2 years from the manufacturing date
  • Subject to the Storage Conditions specified below, the mask may be used until the expiry date printed on the packaging​
  • Dispose after 8 hours of accumulated use (e.g. eight 1-hour trips to the grocery store, or one 8-hour work day). If the mask is contaminated or damaged replace it with a new one. 

Storage and Transportation

  • Product should be stored in clean, dry conditions within the temperature range: -20°C to +30°C with a relative humidity of <80%​
  • When storing or transporting this product, use original packaging provided

Note: Canada Strong Masks is a Health Canada licensed distributor with MDEL #18557. Due to safety requirements, we are unable to accept returns on masks or respirators even if unopened.

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